During a 10-year study of over 300 enterprises engaged with Tony Drexel Smith, he and his team of advisors, employees, MBA students and professionals developed three specific tools to serve enterprises seeking capital: The Situation Analysis™, TASASS™ and the TASASS Score™, and the Transaction Analysis™.  Through the same period, Smith developed the TASASS Certified Advisor Course™; the 40-hour program teaches consultants how to implement these standardized tools so that enterprises are confident they are seeking the right type of capital, and marketing to the correct audience with the most appropriate documentation. We have developed a simple, standardized, scalable process for business plan development designed to assist enterprises in the capital formation process with a higher success rate through validated claims.  Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.
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“Do not wait: the time will never be 'just right'. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”
Napoleon Hill

Past Projects & Clients

Past Projects & Clients

What Others Are Saying About Working With Tony Drexel Smith

I have been associated with Blue Moon Advisors for almost 3 years and have found the process to be compressive, thorough in detail, and covering all the areas a business needs to pay attention. If one is forming, starting up, accelerating growth, merging or acquiring another company, Blue Moon will assist in making a huge difference in your success. Anyone that comes to me for advice on any of the above categories, I recommend them to Blue Moon as a starting place.
Mike Assum
The partnership benefits that Black Swan and the Blue Moon team have provided our team in Michigan has been of a tremendous value in the early stages of setting up our vertically integrated business.
Alan K.
Everyone believes that the cannabis space is wide open and you become a millionaire over night. Once our stakeholders decided to engage Black Swan and the Blue Moon Advisors Group, we had a complete understanding of where to start and what to do. It made the process easier.
Ali T.
Working with Tony these last years has been great. Watching his commitment and dedication to the needs of entrepreneurs is truly inspiring.
Richard Kern
I have been affiliated with Tony Smith with both Blue Moon and now US Capital Group for over 3 years. While an entrepreneur frequently bleeds passion and opportunity and unbridled ambition, Tony Smith deftly encapsulates that entrepreneurial mantra then architects it into a compliance based infrastructure. His programs - business plans, presentation deck, Tear Sheets, CSS Scores always provided us with the strong certification to build the strongest value proposition we could convey to potential investors. However, comprehensive paperwork in isolation may not translate to funding. Tony makes clear that the mission is to make that blueprint marketable. The relationship has always been well worth the monetary investment and time.
Todd O. - Saber Manufacturing



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