About Tony Drexel Smith

Expert in business finance, capital structure, underwriting, due diligence and business valuations, Tony Drexel Smith serves small to medium enterprise (SME) business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, and the business capital community by being an intermediary that specializes in developing and executing professional-grade business finance documentation, venture underwriting services, and valuations.

Smith is an expert in business plan development, due-diligence, Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) supporting documentation, validation of claims, assumption worksheets, research, valuation and Pro forma development. He created the proprietary “Capital Readiness Report” (CRR Score™) to provide the investment community with an algorithmic, objective and subjective process to assess the feasibility of business funding and the success of early stage companies. Smith has also served as a deposition and trial expert witness for valuations.

Smith has worked with an annual average of Fifty (50) clients for Twenty-five (25) years in Twenty-Two (22) industries. He has specifically completed projects relating to business valuations, C-Level consulting-coaching, certified business planning, commercial bank credit applications, confidential business assessments, IB financing (Investment Banking), market planning, demographic research, market penetration modeling, Title II (Regulation D of Rule 506[c]), Title II Crowdfunding and SBA loan packaging. He is considered an industry expert in transportation, security, food & beverage, hospitality, cannabis, health & wellness, nutraceuticals, bioscience and sustainable energies.


US Capital Global Advisors
Managing Director

Oversight, supervision, and leadership of the advisor services division as well as the corporate due diligence and underwriting departments.

US Capital Global Team

About US Capital Global – Investment Banking

The US Capital team has provided asset management and corporate finance services to our clients for over 20 years now. Clients are now served in international locations with relationships in most global financial centers. Having one brand, US Capital Global, allows us to expand the opportunity for profitable relationships for our clients across our different business units. Our wealth management clients often have holdings in private companies or real estate, and thus can also make profitable use of our investment banking services for corporate finance. When our investment banking services result in a wealth-generating event for a client, they can take advantage of our sophisticated wealth management services for themselves and their family. This integration of client services enables an overall strategy of maintaining consistent balance across asset classes, risk profiles, and liquidity goals. US Capital Global Wealth Management, US Capital Global Investment Management, US Capital Global Securities, US Capital Global Realty, and Corporate Finance are all now under the US Capital Global brand.

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Who: Cumulatively, US Capital Global, TD Smith & Associates, Inc., US Business Incubator, SUMATICI, Inc. (Start-Up, Management, Accounting, Tax, Consulting Incubator), developed a process to standardize the business finance marketplace with a proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) to evaluate enterprises seeking capital known as the TASASS™.  TASASS™ stands for: Transaction Analysis Situation Analysis Software System.
How: Proven through 10-years of research, the SaaS takes into account use of funds, ability to repay, stage of development, leadership experience, due diligence, financial analysis with 334 due diligence punch list items.

US Capital Global Advisors Association


A professional network of business finance consultants including:
Accredited Investors, Angel Investors, Commercial Bankers, Broker Dealers, Investment Bankers, Subject Matter Experts and Venture Capitalists.

When: Since 2011, the Intellectual Property has proven effective in providing an industry agnostic due diligence and presentation process that identifies the most feasible capital type and amount for enterprises seeking funds to start, build, grow or acquire a business. Timing is critical: Enterprises need capital to restart the economy in an unprecedented time in world history. The business has a 5-year exit strategy.
Where: Globally where Consultants and Enterprises primarily speak and write in English.
Mission: We are empowering and creating income to a professional network of finance consultants that serve enterprises with analysis of the most feasible capital for the situation, industry, stage of development, qualification, amount and ability to provide a return on investment. Our goal is to provide a consistent, standardized process for packaging and presenting capitalization opportunities.  The fulfillment of our Mission is based on a proprietary due diligence and presentation process known as the TASASS Score™.
Strategy: We identify, train and certify consultants to serve entrepreneurs and enterprises by teaching them a standardized process and protocol for due diligence, presentation material and analysis to determine the most feasible capital market for each enterprise they serve. We earn revenue through certification courses, books, training, continuing education, royalties, licensing fees, and services provided directly to enterprises when not otherwise served by a Certified USCGAA Member.

Tactics: A TASASS Prime™  package based a process developed from a 9-year study that includes a scoring system and a capital formation process. In order to be confirmed as TASASS Prime™ the following six items must be true:

1. All 334 attributes have been addressed.

2. References, citations, footnotes and a bibliography have been provided for substantive claims made by the enterprise.

3. A TASASS Score™ of at least 925 points has been earned, and will be updated every 90 days for the registry key number to remain valid.

4. If the enterprise has been in operation for more than 12 months, current financial statements and tax returns, prepared by a professional (Accountant and/or CPA), must be included to become “Prime.” If a start-up, or an enterprise in operation less than 12 months, then no financial statements or tax returns will be required to become “Prime.”

5. The supporting documents identified within the TASASS Prime™  have been completed, including 9 presentation material formats.

6. A Registry Key Number (QR-Code Managed) has been assigned that will validate the completion of the TASASS Prime™ with a TASASS Score™ of 925, or higher.

Situation Analysis™ with a TASASS Score™ - A Due Diligence Punch List with 334 attributes - a Score with a weighted system of 0-3 per attribute (out of a possible 1,000 points).

Certified US Capital Global Advisor Association™ - 40 hours on intensive training in a live course or web-based format with corresponding SaaS and a textbook known as "Business Capital 101"

A Direct Sales Business web-based and mobile app software-driven model that pays referral fees in a 4-uni-level model to affiliate members, US Capital Global Advisors & Certified US Capital Global Advisor Association™

Problem: Millions of small and medium sized enterprises require access to capital with no industry standardized process for selecting or pursuing the best option requiring assistance from trained, accomplished professionals that understand all capital markets available, supported with consulting, document preparation, and the processes required to successfully obtain needed capital. The record high for small business loan approvals in 2019 was 27%. The other 73% will seek access to alternative capital. Across American, there are 709,750 business consultants with no consistent, standardized process for identifying and presenting option(s) that best fit the situation, industry, stage, qualification and timing of each unique enterprise, The industry requires a consistent, measurable system with deliverables to the enterprises they serve.

Solution: US Global Capital Advisors Association has developed and provides proven standards, protocols, procedures, leadership, training, certification and revenue to business finance professionals and subject matter experts (SME's) that serve enterprises seeking capital, management consulting, and organizational development support.

The network of subject matter experts also serves capital sources with due diligence, underwriting and documentation that relates to the capitalization of enterprises.

Opportunity/Value Proposition: There are 30.2 million businesses in the US - 6 million are firms and 24 million are solopreneurs. 70% sought capital assistance during the Covid-19 disaster; they will need more capital. As of April 23rd, 2020, 26.5 million Americans filed for unemployment. Of those, 13.1% are potential members of the USGCAA - subject matter experts with doctoral and master’s degrees. With 12-years of preparation and planning, completion of proprietary processes, proof of concepts and scalable software, the USGCAA is primed to provide a transition for those seeking to operate a viable consulting business.

Business Model: USGCAA sells and conducts certification courses, certifies the work product of its members, provides continuing education, maintains a database of business professionals and capital sources made available to enterprises seeking capital, and provides access to subject matter experts in accounting, legal, finance, marketing, sales, real estate, and specific industry/sector expertise. Members are paid referral fees and can build a sales team with a direct unlevel hierarchy of up to 3 levels of leadership.

Products & Services: TASASS Prime™ & TASASS Score™ SaaS; Transaction Analysis™; Situation Analysis™; Certified US Capital Global Advisor Course™; Books; Publications; Referral Service.

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National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts

Member since 2007

Maintain leadership in the U.S. and globally as the premier developer of training and resources for consulting professionals building their practices and expertise supporting privately owned businesses by providing specialized services that include:

  • Business Valuation
  • Growing Value
  • Litigation Consulting
  • Financial Forensics

NACVA’s Mission
Provide a range of high-quality resources to facilitate our consultants’ success by enhancing their efficiencies and giving them a competitive advantage.

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TEAM Referral Network

Tony Drexel Smith has been associated with TEAM Referral Network since 2005.  He has been a chapter president and helped grow the network from 2005 to 2007.  He is currently an online web-based member.
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Send Out Cards

Tony & Leslye have been affiliated with Send Out Cards since the Company’s inception in 2005. Their Affiliate ID is 171266:
Send Out Cards: Tony & Leslye

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Elevator Pitch         
What:  The Association of Blue Moon Advisors, Inc. (AOBMA) is raising $8 Million to roll-up a ten year business finance feasibility study and four related entities (An incubator, consulting company, holding company and a due diligence analysis firm).

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Previous Positions

Blue Moon Advisors  -  Las Vegas, Nevada  11/2015 to 12/31/2019
Chief Executive Officer

Smith provides leadership and performs the following:
• Reports to the Board of Directors all activities of the Company including sales, operations and finance – an average of Fifty (50) companies developed annually;
• Supervises the continued development of the CRR Score™;
• Assisted dozens of clients by obtaining access to capital in excess tens-of-millions in seed and early-stage capital;
• Executes the mission and vision of the company;
• Supervises a team of Ten (10) Executives and Project Managers;
• Develops and maintains relationships with a database of 2,700 including Blue Moon Advisors, capital sources, vendors, Board of Directors, and staff;
• Leads the Blue Moon business development teams by creating processes, procedures, sales tools, documentation and leadership.

US Business Incubator, Inc. -  Las Vegas, Nevada 12/2014 to 12/2016
Chief Operations Officer

• Provided direct leadership and mentorship in business development, turn-around, start-up and business incubation;
• Supervised up to Thirty (30) US Business Incubator projects;
• Oversaw business plan development, financial forecasting, operations, management team development and marketing plans;
• Assisted in the financial packaging process for debt and equity;
• Focused on entrepreneurial development designed to increase business success through funding opportunities that accelerated growth and profitability.

SUMATICI, Inc. -  Huntington Beach, California 07/2011 to 12/2014

• SUMATICI is an acronym for Start-Up, Management, Accounting, Tax, Investment, Consulting, Incubator;
• Engaged companies for One (1) to Twenty-Four (24) month commitments by providing leadership through a One Hundred Twenty Five (125) step process of launching a new enterprise.

SoCalBizOps, Inc. -  Los Angeles, California 02/2008 to 07/2011

• SoCalBizOps, Inc. merged into SUMATICI, Inc on December 14, 2012;
• Launched a business start-up assistance and lending program called the Certified Business Plan;
• Built a team of Twenty-Seven (27) professional staff members and wrote more than One Hundred (100) business plans in under Twelve (12) months;
• During the same period SCBO processed more than $47 Million in Capital requests.

T.D. Smith & Associates  -  Los Angeles, California 01/1995 to 02/2008

• Private equity, commercial loan, SBA packager; professional business plan writer.


The Essential Handbook for Small Businesses ISBN# 978-0-9840365-0-9 in 2011.

The Business Development Directory in 2008 with the federally funded Workforce Investment Board.

Completed a 10-year study of 300 companies seeking capital and published the CRR Score™ White Paper in January 2018.

Currently completing “Business Capital 101.”

Military Service

Smith is a Veteran of Foreign Wars, USMC 1988 – 1993.

He was assigned to Operation Desert Shield/Storm in August 1990.

He earned numerous commendations, awards, ribbons and medals including Meritorious Promotions and a Navy Achievement Medal.

Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 11 (MALS-11)
Marine Aviation Logistics Group 11 (MAG-11)
MOS 6511 Aviation Ordnance

Family & Community

Married to Leslye Noel Galati with six children and four grandchildren in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been a youth sports coach, member of the Lions Club, Veterans of Foreign Wars, volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, Team Referral Network and has donated time and money to numerous other charities. He is currently a volunteer and member of Central Christian Church.


Graduate of the University of La Verne with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with Cum Laude Honors.

Completed more than a dozen professional licenses and certificates, including:

IAM Seminars 
Klemmer and Associates 
California Real Estate Licensed
California Department of Insurance
Finance Industry Regulatory Authority (Previous: Series 6, 63, 82. Current: 2019 new SIE exam). BrokerCheck verification 

Summary of Expertise

• Due Diligence
• Business Analysis
• Business Valuation
• Expert Witness

• Travel & Expenses
• Market Feasibility
• Confidential Business Assessment
Certified Business Plan™

Capital Readiness Report™
• Situation Analysis
• Business Consulting

Community Service

Tony and Leslye believe in community service and are actively engaged as volunteers of the following organizations:


Tony has enjoyed Kayaking since childhood and is an active member of the American Kayak Association
Tony has been playing racquetball since 1981. He is an active member of the US Racquetball Association.

Ten Bits of Trivia

  • While a Business administration student at the University Of La Verne, Tony earned elective credits by attending the Rio Hondo College (Whittier California) Fire Technology program having completed multiple courses in Fire Science and served as a volunteer in training including minor association with Alhambra, Los Angeles, Santa Fe Springs and South Pasadena Fire Departments.
  • Finished the Los Angeles Marathon in 2003 with no preparation or training in 6 hours.
  • By age 28 had fathered five children, becoming an empty nester at the young age of 46
  • Learned American Sign Language at age 19
  • Owned his first restaurant at age 23
  • Scariest moments of my life were when three of my sons each experienced potentially life-ending events: Our oldest son drown as a toddler, fortunately he was revived, is now 30 years old, married raising his own child; Our middle son was hit by a car while on his bicycle coming home from middle school at age 13, while his femur was snapped, he survived; Our youngest son has a bee allergy and during football practice did not know a bee was inside his shoulder pads and had stung him, he passed out on the field and I carried him to my car, to the fire station and got him an epi-pen shot just in time.
  • If you’d asked me at age 10 what I was going to so when I grow up I would have said a professional soccer player (Goalie) – played from age 5 to 13.
  • Happiest moments in our adult lives were when my wife and I watched our children excel in sports. Our daughters both played on champion ship teams (Water Polo and Field Hockey). Our boys played soccer and football and all of them enjoyed being on championship teams.
  • Upon retirement I plan to publish a series of books based on a character named Chase Elton who is an undercover business due diligence operative.
  • Best night in Las Vegas: Chefs table at Delmonico’s with Glenmorangie Highland Single Malt extremely rare 18-year followed by a Cohiba Robusto


8400 W. Sunset Road
Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89113

(702) 595-4455