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1Up Golf

1Up Golf provides an entertainment experience unlike any other in San Diego and a business environment sorely lacking in the area.
The entertainment experience centers around 77 well-appointed and spacious private suites, 8 large luxury suites, a sports bar, a bourbon and craft beer lounge, a rooftop party deck, bathed in So-Cal sun by day and soft ocean breezes by night, and a top-tier dining experience delivered in a casual and comfortable way, like only San Diego can!

In each suite patrons will enjoy comfortable seating, food and beverage service, flat panel TV’s and a wide range of golf games. Experienced golfers will relish the way our proprietary technology system, developed by Foresight Sports, enables them to play a virtual round of golf at some of the world’s great courses. Inexperienced players will appreciate the simple and fun games they can play and the frequent rewards and bonuses they can earn. Millennials will love the ability to link their entire experience immediately to the many social media devices and networks they live their lives on today.

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Ace Hardware - Calaveras Lumber Co.

Calaveras Lumber Company was started in 1976 by Wilbur and Louise Fullaway. Over the years, with the help of their son Mike and his wife Diane,  the company has grown and expanded product offerings. 

Calaveras Lumber Company is a full-service lumberyard and hardware retail store meeting the needs of homebuilders, remodelers, and the do-it-yourselfers. Our fleet of trucks delivers lumber and building materials across California and parts of Nevada. The retail store features hardware, tools, building materials, electrical, plumbing, housewares, Benjamin Moore paint, gifts and home decor, nursery, patio furniture, BBQs and a seasonal Christmas store.

Calaveras Lumber Company is part of the Ace Hardware family, along with our other branch Sonora Lumber Company.  

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American Safety Group

We are committed to enabling a proactive safety culture, rather than reactive. Our experience shows that this methodology ensures safer, more productive job sites by supporting a strong safety climate. From the very beginning it has been our goal to maintain long-term relationships with our clients.

ASG senior level professionals have extensive experience in the Health and Safety Management and provide a variety of services to assist clients in their efforts to comply with applicable health and safety regulations and to provide a safe and healthful workplace for their employees. To this end, ASG personnel review, assess, and make revisions as deemed necessary to existing policies and programs; develop newly required policies and programs; and assist in the overall implementation of such programs. Such services often include the provision of necessary training to affected employees, as well as the presentation and introduction of revised or new policies/programs to client management and/or supervisory personnel. Our policies and programs are intended to meet applicable rules and regulations for Construction, Tunneling Safety (including Confined Space) Consulting and Training.

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Armorgen is leading the way to a brighter and safer future by reducing the current and future effects of contagious, deadly viruses and other pandemic level pathogens that may cause catastrophic devastation to the world’s health and economies.

We consolidate information including market research reports, white papers, market comparisons, company valuations, due diligence, and strategies for federal, state and local government to provide important education and resources to high risk and regulated environments.

Our mission is to guide and support American businesses, governments, organizations, and people in discovering ways to eradicate the possibility of viral outbreaks that can affect the health and livelihood of facilities or communities, through innovative, cost-effective and sustainable ways.

With passion and commitment, we also continue to advise capital market leaders that may be contemplating investments in public and private entities to provide sustainable solutions to viruses and other pathogens.

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Agravitae is the premier, high-end graviola company that sources only the best ingredients, formulated and manufactured by the top people in their respective fields to bring you the finest graviola products in the health and wellness industry.
Our highest intention is to provide superior quality,
farm-sourced, plant-based nutrients in our graviola infused products.  Agravitae is steeped in tradition, seeded in science and motivated by a hunger for truth, and what we know to be tried + trusted.
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AGTools is a revolutionary solution that serves as a key component to address major communication gaps between farmers and food retailers. Reduce waste, increase profits and streamline the growing cycle for farmers to ensure operational success. At the core of the solution is taking immense amounts of data and simplifying it down to key factors to improve decision making for farmers, corporate buyers and all food supply chain stakeholders. AGTools proprietary technology incorporates all levels of information providing easy and comparative real data to farmers, suppliers and buyers of tier I, II, III. Alerts and information that will directly benefit and influence decisions in the industry on a regular basis such as weather patterns, terminal pricing, oil, consumer trends and more.
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ART Concrete Solutions

ART Concrete Solutions is a revolutionary patent pending polymer hybrid composite concrete repair solution. The proprietary formulation of aggregate, resin, hardener and other ingredients withstands the environmental elements of moisture and chemicals. After years of extensive research (including altitude, environment and temperature variations), ART is pleased to provide this product to the market.

The ART formulation can repair damaged concrete in less than 30 minutes with a cure time of less than 60 minutes (Final cure time may vary depending on outside temperature and the size of the repair). It is 4 times stronger than concrete. This means less traffic disruption, business disruptions, lower risk of liability, lower labor costs and far less machinery involved. Traditional methods require the repair area to be cut, material completely removed, hauled away, compacted and replaced necessitating closure of the area. The system allows the repair to take place without significant material removal minimizing the impacted area, requiring less heavy equipment and limiting business or operation interruption.

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Blueprint Diagnostics

75% of all cancer drugs will not work for a specific person because of their unique genetic profile and NO ONE knows why. Until Now! Blueprint Diagnostics is able to finally tell which cancer drugs will not work and which drug is most likely to work–thus creating the best odds for survival.

Medicine calls this “resistance” – where someone doesn’t respond to a drug, either form the start or in the middle of care.  And 50% of these resistant people are because of their unique mutations and how they won’t let the drugs bind to do their job.

Blueprint Diagnostics uses patent-pending Nobel Caliber tech and data – to map out these millions of data points, to be able to then predict with 100% accuracy who those people are for which specific drugs.

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Blue Water on the Bay

A Planned Development Project Based in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Blue Water on the Bay is the first real destination resort targeted towards the regional market, millennials, and the lucrative tourist industry. This exciting new vacation destination development project on the waters of Bay St. Louis, an inlet bay off of the Gulf of Mexico, will include the following amenities:
- Casino, Hotel & Conference Center
- Adventure Park & Water Park
- Retail, Dining, & Entertainment
- Boardwalk & Marina
- Vertical Farm & Hotel
- Bay View Condominiums & Villas
- Wolf River Village

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DJ Racing Safety Equipment

DJ Safety was founded by a US Naval Submarine Captain with a desire to ensure those that are in harms way have access to the best US-based manufactured equipment available to protect them. This began with funny car Racing equipment, fire suites, and other racing paraphernalia. The Company product line has grown to serve elite special forces and other markets with safety equipment. Since originally working with Tony Drexel Smith the Company has continued to expand, grow and has been passed on to the next generation of owners.

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Doradus Labs

Doradus Labs is a software development and technical support company that bridges that gap between business needs and machine learning technology. Our process starts by understanding the business domain and everything that makes that business run. Then we design machine learning software around the idea of making that business run better and more efficiently.
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Electrum Partners

With a global reputation for leadership and vision, Electrum Partners is an advisory services firm specializing in medical and recreational cannabis and ancillary businesses, founded by Leslie Bocskor, former investment banker known for success, leadership and disruption in emerging markets, technologies and finance. The experienced senior leadership team takes great pride in engineering the underpinnings of successful business entries and exits across the full spectrum of cannabis business verticals, and helping to develop policy and regulatory frameworks with an acute understanding and knowledge of regulatory complexities.

We partner with private and public companies, policymakers, governments, entrepreneurs and investors looking for an edge to improve and maximize shareholder value and liquidity, as well as companies that are looking to make the private-to-public transition. We all know that cannabis is not a single industry but dozens of sub-industries, each with its own barriers-to-entry, capital requirements, unique market traits, and paths to success. As we help bring your ideas to fruition, we draw upon our ability to identify opportunities and create wins. You can count on Electrum Partners to help grow your business’ value and footprint, assisting you to navigate through markets where tumultuous dynamics are at work.

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Wind Turbine and Energy Storage technologies. EnergyBlox’s CFD analyzed low-cost, revolutionary vertical array has advantages compared to old designs: requires <20% of the acreage, is quiet and easy to install, virtually eliminates bird and bat kill, and harvests higher power at all wind speeds. EnergyBlox’s prototype-proven energy storage system (“ESS”) uses electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water, stores both gases, and uses them in its fuel cell to efficiently generate electric power when needed, effectively mimicking a battery’s function but with much longer life and a more than 50% cost savings.
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Energy Systems, LLC

We are a local Nevada company, with family property in Sandy Valley, NV, close to our current solar development.

At Energy Systems LLC, we focus on energy solutions that use existing resources, which at this time are beginning to be utilized in volume, and two are considered environmental liabilities, fossil fuels and coal. Our intention is to transform these liabilities into assets and viable sources of sustainable energy.    We can currently produce electricity utilizing technological processes that are environmentally friendly from various sources, primarily solar.

Renewable energy is as easy to find as sunlight, as prolific as landfill garbage, and as accessible as the reserves of coal and crude.  Utilizing these resources, we can create electricity, amongst other desirable hydrocarbon products.

We develop solar projects that generate electricity, a resource that is sustainable.  The sunlight is forever as we perceive time.  The Bravo Unit is a highly beneficial process as it takes the pollutants and toxins and converts them into highly useable hydrocarbon products that do not threaten the future of the planet for our species, the plants, the animals, the seas, the oceans and the rivers.

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Environsult, Corp is leading the way to a brighter and safer future by assisting smaller US communities in their need for clean water, safe public parks, and environmental needs.  We consolidate State & Federal regulatory loan and grant information into a concise and relevant summary for communities. Through this process, we will be able to help those communities that lack available financial resources to adequately address their water, environmental, and infrastructure issues.
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First Round Management

First Round Management is a full-service NFL Football player and MMA fighter management firm based in Miami, Florida. Our mission is to provide a family-oriented service for our clients in order to create an atmosphere of transparency, accessibility and dependability. We believe that our clients should be treated as people, not just a commodity based on draft value. It is also our duty to provide sufficient and resourceful information for our clients so they are equipped to handle any situation.
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Hemp Energi

PCR Biosciences is a California C-Corporation doing business as HempEnergi™. The HempEnergi™ shot is a 2oz convenient energy boost like 5 Hour Energy but is more than just your ordinary energy shot with a unique formula containing hemp oil. HempEnergi™ is an energy drink infused with hemp to provide a balanced and focused supply of energy without the crash. The hemp industry is expected to grow to $2 billion dollars in the next few years and the energy drink market is anticipated to grow from $20 billion to $80 billion by 2023. The convergence of these two makes this an ideal time to enter into the market. The Company has provided a full list of products offered, which include HempEnergi™ Shots, HempEnergi™ Drinks. Product claims include:

- Balanced, focused energy drink with no crash (no jitters)

- Using Hemp, B vitamins, caffeine for an effective, yet healthier alternative to the classic energy drink

- Offers both a shot and a drink option (competitors offer either one or the other)

- Introducing new flavors including grape and coffee

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Participating customers will sign a contract directly with JATON to subscribe to a portion of the energy produced from the solar project. In turn, customers will receive a program credit from their electrical service provider on their monthly energy statement based on the kilowatt-hour output of their subscription with JATON.

Both residential and business customers may now express their interest to enroll in the program in order to start their subscription upon project completion. Customers who agree to purchase solar from JATON will receive their power at a fixed rate for up to 20-years. With zero upfront costs, this is simply the perfect solar solution for those who want to support clean energy and a sustainable future for California.


Launch Tech Holdings

Launch Tech Holdings serves as the parent to three subsidiary related companies called Launch Tech Manufacturing, Launch Tech Energy and Launch Tech Space. Our primary focus is to provide low-cost, low environmental impact space delivery systems for high frequency, low weight payloads. Our goal is for all three subsidiary entities to be in full operation by 2028. We are identifying launch sites that have the capability to support launch operations. We will be utilizing Electromagnetic Launch (EML) technology combined with solar power and stored energy systems. We intend to provide lower cost for high quantity of launches to support communications, microgravity research and manufacturing, space re-supply missions, future colonization of space and other business needs of the space industry. While we expect the total cost to be into the billions of investment dollars, the majority of capital will be long term debt through construction loans. The seed round for year one is $3 Million through private equity, to be followed by a $50 Million Regulation A+ Raise.
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Mentor Cloud

Let’s create a world-class mentoring program for your organization. MentorCloud helps you strengthen your human network with scalable mentorship programs, and rapidly grow the skills, culture, and capabilities of your people. Our mentoring experts work with you to design your program based on your specific business goals and success criteria. We help you figure out communication plans, participation incentives, and integrations with other internal systems. We utilize in industry-leading mentoring best practices to set up your mentoring program for success. We configure and launch the platform with your company's branding.
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Morgner Power Group

In the nearly 30 years of doing business, we have grown to more than 70 young and seasoned professionals spread across the west coast and have added about one new employee a month. We’ve expanded our services, increased our workforce and impacted the lives of many families and communities.

Our commitment to our clients has been our top priority, and it shows in our solidified reputation for integrity, respect and loyalty to our clients and employees alike. We have an unwavering passion for getting the job done right. We are unique in our industry because we foster a culture of close relationships among our stakeholders and we care deeply for their values and goals. This has attracted exceptionally qualified, technical staff with capabilities that consistently deliver proven solutions to complex challenges. Our cultural and professional diversity reflects an intuitive approach of bringing together international experience and coupling it with local expertise.

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MYM Nutraceuticals

We are a Sophisticated Organization with Deep Talent and Capital
MYM, through its subsidiary, Sublime Culture, is a cutting edge Canadian licensed producer of high-quality “craft” cannabis. We are also uniquely positioned to invest in and partner with companies that need capital and management support.

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Phil's BBQ

Since 1998, BBQ lovers across San Diego County have turned to restaurateur Phil Pace to satisfy a singular craving: mesquite grilled baby back and beef ribs, chicken and sandwiches. Serving thousands of customers a day from a diverse clientele of skateboarders to Bentleys, Phil has built his foundation on consistency, quality, freshness and friendly service.

Since opening our doors in San Diego, Phil's BBQ has served over one million (and counting!) gallons of Phil’s signature BBQ sauce (enough to fill Shamu's tank). Expanding from four employees to well over 400, we have become an employer of choice in San Diego. In 2007, after the smoke cleared from the original Phil's BBQ location in Mission Hills, the restaurant relocated to a much larger space in Point Loma. Even with a change of location, the Phil's experience and menu remains the same: long lines of anticipation, an energetic, friendly atmosphere, fantastic food, huge portions and many, many, paper towels.

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Currently, hemp/CBD brands lack a national platform to safely advertise their products. This dilemma is a manifestation of the explosive growth of the CBD market in the wake of legalization. Since legalization, the consumer market has been flooded with products that do not contain the CBD they profess to. These products are often sold using false endorsements and unsubstantiated health claims. Additionally, major online publishers such as Google and Facebook avoid allowing ads for CBD brands altogether. Current FDA and FTC regulations disallow retailers from explaining health benefits of their products.

Marketplaces such as Amazon do not provide any educational content and offer many hemp products that do not contain the active ingredients they advertise. PuraPhy has identified an opportunity to bridge the gap between reputable hemp/CBD brands and mainstream consumers by education and reframing the perception PuraPhy’s thought leading and relevant content will bridge the gap between reputable hemp/CBD brands and mainstream consumers by educating and reframing the perception of the many benefits that hemp/CBD has to offer. Reputable and vetted hemp/CBD products will be available for sale in a review site section of

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Riveting Entertainment

RIVETING ENTERTAINMENT produces Music Videos, Commercials, Films and Television Shows.

RIVETING ENTERTAINMENT is a dynamic Production and Management company loaded with a cartel of hand-selected business savvy executives and creative leaders. Having produced hundreds of music videos for top artists, international commercials and print campaigns, Riveting is skillfully working its way into the world of feature film and television production. RIVETING ENTERTAINMENT continually grows and develops with the fast-paced world of entertainment and is groomed to tackle the industry’s major productions of today and tomorrow.

2013 MTV VMA – BEST MALE VIDEO: Chris Brown “Turn Up The Music”

2011 VIDEO OF THE YEAR (BET AWARDS): Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes “Look at me Now”

2011 VMA – BEST MALE VIDEO: Justin Bieber “U Smile”

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Sabre Manufacturing

Saber Manufacturing is a manufacturer of precision metal components and munitions for military and law enforcement agencies. Our Organization primarily manufactures the Saber Premium brands of Saber Premium 99 (50BMG) | Saber Premium 108 (12x7x108) | Saber Premium 14.5 (14.5x114) and the ‘” Saber LE” small caliber for Law Enforcement Ammunition Series.’Saber Manufacturing does take on specialty size rounds as well upon volume requests.The vertical integration of production and distribution will enable the Company to provide from law enforcement and military brokers sales as well as direct distribution for B2B & B2G sales.

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Sea N Soul

Buy and sell new and used adventure gear and apparel — and help the planet.
Sea n’ Soul is the 1st resale app for the adventure re-commerce market that gives back to the earth and our users. Together we can reduce waste by facilitating the resale of adventure products, apparel, and clothing. We are helping our communities by giving back to earth-repairing nonprofits and allowing our users to make and save money.
Our goal is to help stop textile waste while inspiring a community of resale for every adventure we take. We are creating a community for those who live an adventure lifestyle by facilitating the resale of adventure products.
Sea n’ Soul is for every adventurer that’s inside of you. From surfing to mountaineering, take your soul’s journey from the sea to the mountains — while making money, saving money, and helping the environment.
Save More than Money with Sea n’ Soul. A portion of sales are donated to nonprofit environmental organizations. Sellers can donate a portion of each transaction and buyers can add additional donations. We are committed to giving our part to the nonprofits we love and trust.
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Have you been Budded?
Best New Taste Of Las Vegas. Our Cajun Inspired Dishes Will Have Your Taste Budz Singing With Every Bite.

Our Motto

“Real Good, Feel Good Food”

says everything about who we are, and how we want to make sure our buddies are always feeling good and eating good when they come eat with us.

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The Coffee Class

The Coffee Class was founded in 2019 as a north star for great coffee. We’re on a journey to transform your daily grind with exceptional coffee, made with exceptional care. We will elevate your coffee house experience to something you’ve never imagined; and to create a new standard for what coffee can be. We want you to come see us and we want you to stay a while. Come enjoy an incredible single origin cup of coffee, poured over by hand and brewed to order just for you at the proper temperature. Enjoy a glass of our frothy, creamy nitro cold chai latte. Watch our expert baristas finish off your Rose Tea Latte with beautiful latte art. Our team cares about the journey each coffee bean has taken (from farm to the roaster to your cup) and we want to share that enthusiasm with you. The ambiance is warm, the energy is palpable. We want you to sit back and relax with a warm cup in your hands.
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Thorpe Development

Thorpe Development West is a dynamic General Building Contractor & Construction management/Consulting company. We are a dedicated and committed team of industry experts collaborating to build, develop and manage commercial, government and public works projects. We have set high company standards and cutting-edge service benchmarks. We seek out and forge long term partnerships with top industry talent – providing a full-service development experience to our clients. We honor our strong commitment to project development excellence in always exceeding our clients expectations. We strive to stay ahead of the competition by providing the best talent the industry has to of. We are a licensed, insured and bonded company based in California with supporting offices in Georgia, Illinois and Ohio. We are also currently named in a 10yr master Ordering Agreement with the FAA eFast. In addition, we are SBA 8a SDB participants, as well as holding certifications as DBE, and MBE with the city of Los Angeles, state of California and the federal government.

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Total Resources International

What started out as small family-owned business in 1991, Total Resources International (TRI) grew to become one of the leading manufacturers of First Aid Kits and Emergency Preparedness Essentials in the nation. For the past 25 years, we have worked hard to develop, manufacture and distribute premium products and services that provide smart, sensible solutions under the Be Smart Get Prepared brand. By embracing research, trends, practicality, functionality and innovative technology, our products address consumer needs, help secure personal and family safety, and promote overall wellness, which supports a good quality life. Be Smart Get Prepared products hit consumer categories across the board and can be found in Health & Beauty, Outdoors, Auto, Sporting Goods, and Industrial Hardware sections in mass market and specialty retail stores all over the nation.
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Trendy Butler

We are a diverse men's apparel subscription service that provides members with $150+ worth of men's clothes for $65 per month.  Our technology specifically caters to each user's style preferences, sizes, and overall personality to help ensure that you love every package more than the last. Each box includes 2 clothing items per month and can be a combination of pieces, such as a hoodie and pants, or a button-up and a sweater. Keep in mind that you may not necessarily receive a complete outfit every single month, as you will be getting items that are meant to help build out a wardrobe and help you elevate your style! Instead of wasting time sorting through rack after rack of clothes at the mall, our specialized algorithm sends you curated pieces every month. We also work closely with our brands to get you discounts that are not always available online! With Trendy Butler, you no longer need to go to a traditional tailor to get the pieces that are best for your style and fit!

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Introduction to light therapy technology inspired Dr. Jamie Fettig, DC, to create a system for fat loss and healthy living that's grown to incorporate made-in-the-USA Vevazz devices now used in medical offices around the globe.

The company's newest device is the revolutionary Vevazz Bed, a self-service station ideal for lean practices, spas and gyms. It features red and infrared LED light for fat loss, cellulite treatment, skin tightening, and reduction of wrinkles, stretch marks and scars, as well as relief from pain in the feet and/or hands

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Virtual Fights Unlimited

What if your favorite fighters from different eras could fight one another? Through the use of holographic, artificial intelligence, and streaming video converge, the legends of boxing can engage in true fantasy meets reality with virtual fights that will be watched live, streamed on platforms, and bet on by four generations of fight fans that will support their all-time favorite boxers. VFU earns revenues as the promoter, boxer representation for licensing, streaming fees, and gambling. Virtual Fights Unlimited will ensure that legends and future legends of fighting will live on forever. Legends never die with Virtual Fights Unlimited!
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Volta Tech

Volta Tech, LLC is a US-based micro-battery supplier and importer of secondary market-specialized batteries for use in personal devices such as cell phones, laptops, smart watches, and other rechargeable uses.

The company has the capacity to design and implement new electrical energy storage applications. The company is hiring ten new employees for its Irwindale, California location. The company is supported by a China-based battery manufacturer (Dikte Group) which provides more than 4,000 different models, and is prepared to design batteries for customer-specific needs.

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World Wide Safety Group

World Wide Safety is a global company that is passionate about educating our clients and assisting them with their health and safety goals. Seeing our clients and their employees return home safely to their families and loved ones daily gives WWS satisfaction knowing that we've met our company's and client goals.

World Wide Safety has been designing OSHA Safety Training Programs for over 10 years now.  Our OSHA Safety Consultants and trainers are highly skilled and dedicated to impacting lives with proper safety techniques and strategies.  We have worked closely with countless well known General Contractors and a number of Specialty Trade Subcontractors in the development of OSHA safety training programs and practical hazard controls.

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Las Vegas, NV 89121

(626) 277-7860